Using your Student Portal you can research college requirements and track your college applications. The Student Portal is a great communication tool as you navigate the college application process. Take these simple steps to create your student login.

1. Open a browser and navigate to:
2. Bookmark this page so you can access it easily at any time.
3. Click on Create an Account to begin.

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A new page will open with empty fields. Fill in the blanks and create a password. Use your email address for your user name.

NOTE: Make sure your email and your counselor's e-mail are accurate in order for your account to be created correctly. Be sure to use the same email address for your user name that your counselor has on record.

When you finish filling in information on the screen, click "Next".

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If your email address has not been entered by your advisor, you will see a message stating "The email address you entered was not found in our client records".

Check the email you entered to be sure it is correct. If it is not correct, enter your correct your email in the field provided.

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If your email is correct, click "Next" for the last step in setting up your Student Portal.

On the "Security Info" page, enter your password and select a security question. This is a question you will answer if you need to retrieve your password.

Click on the "Create User" button to compete the set up procedure.

NOTE: Make sure your password is one you will remember.

Once you click on the "Create User" button, you will receive the "Complete" message. Click on "Continue" to login to your new account using your email and password.

Click on "Continue" to go back to the login page. Once you log in, you will be able to keep track of:
-Your upcoming sessions with your advisor
-Your assignments and their due dates
-Your tests
-Your college lists
-Your college applications
-and much more!

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Congratulations! You are now ready to use your Student Portal!